Largo di Torre Argentina and Cat Sanctuary

The area of Largo di torre Argentina, a square between Pantheon and Jewish district, is a most important archaeological site of history center of Rome. Largo di Torre Argentina is famous in Rome also for another characteristic : in this area there is a big community of cats and the municipality of Rome takes care them.Is possible adopt a cat and take care of him through the roman culture cats are loved and ancient romans believed that cats were friends in the life and in the afterlife. Some of Romans militaries had shields with a cat pictured over its .The worship of cat had been introducing by greek culture and in Rome was builded a cat sanctuary. A female cat divinity statue has been discovered in Pigna district in Rome.Largo argentina offers of its visitors, four temples of ancient Rome and if you are patient you can see many cats that are sleeping over some columns or behind some finds. In the 1900 the municipality of Rome nourished the cats of the city with Trippa a typical dish of Rome (it is fat of pork) but to save money this use had been stopped. the proverb Non c'è trippa per gatti ( there isn't trippa to cats)to indicate that there aren't benefits about a situation borned for this measure of 1900.

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