Sisini La Casa del Supplì

(Sisini The House of Supplì)


Supplì al telefono (Stuffed Balls "on the Phone") are a traditional and roman popular dish.

They get their name from the sight of cheese filling which dangles from the mouth to the half eaten Suppli or when you pull them apart and it looks like a telephone wire.The best way to experience a Suppli is smoking hot, standing up and so fast you might burn your mouth but its the risk that makes them even more delicious! 

Historically the food was very popular amongst the lower echelons of society.The women would use the leftover rice from the previous day filled with cheese and ham to feed the working men. Still as popular as ever, it is not unusual to hear the Italian Grandmother saying “Nothing has to be thrown away!”.Today, rice balls are available take away in "Pizza al taglio" shop (pizza by the slice) and Pizzerias and Restaurants that offer traditional menus and pizza.

Usually, the Roman rice balls can be ordered as a starter but they are perfect for a quick snack take away in a day exploring the city

There are a few places where you can enjoy this delicious specialty in Rome.

Some places are historical sites during the time, like Sisini La Casa del Suppli (The House of Supplì) via di San Francesco a Ripa, 137 some of the others are becoming very popular among the local people


Sisini La Casa del Suppli  in Trastevere Area It's mobbed at lunchtime!

Get some pizza rossa and some suppli and and took them to the nearby piazza to eat in the sun....a wonderful and inexpensive lunch for you Holiday in Rome  in a bed and breakfast in Trastevere area

Places of Interest

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