Porta Portese Market

The traditional Roman flea market of Porta Portese is probably the most famous market of Italy, and it is also one of the most important all over the world. Like every other tradition, during the last years it has changed a lot, and some historical and characteristic stands have been replaced by cheap goods. But those who love searching unobtainable things, will always find something interesting.

Having a b&b near Porta Portese will allow you to completely submerge yourself in the Roman spirit of the market but be careful!

If you want to do your business you must negotiate! Here, every Sunday morning you will be able to find vintage clothes, furniture, junk, long play records, the typical porchetta sandwiches of Ariccia, new or hand-me down clothes, clocks and cameras, bicycles, costume jewelry, furnishings of design, hats, toys, household products and so on. Everyone in Rome has gone to Porta Portese market, it is one of those experiences you must do once in your life.

Be careful of scams and your wallet! Go to Porta Portese and expect to be scammed, it’s all part of the game! The Roman flea market was famous also for the three-card trick players, who still now try to deceive those naives who want to play with them.
It will be very hard to get out from the labyrinth of stands without being enchanted by the atmosphere or without buying something that probably you didn’t need!
The best moment to visit the market is very early in the morning, when you have more choice and you can do the best business. A rapid breakfast in your b&b and then you can immediately go to look around! Passing a Sunday morning at the Porta Portese market  is absolutely an experience you must do when you are in Rome! For lunch we suggest you to search in the alleys of the close Trastevere district one of the typical Roman “trattoria” (Italian restaurant).
The traditional market runs from Ippolito Nievo Square (in high), Ettore Rolli street (on the left side), till Porta Portese (on the right side) from which it takes its name. Having a b&b near Porta Portese or Trastevere area means living the atmosphere of “Roma de na vorta”.

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