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Cancellation policy


Accommodations sponsored by ON LINE PROMOTION on WWW.BEDANDBREAKFASTROMA.COM apply following terms and policy.


Case 1 - If your stay is no longer than 3 nights, you can cancel or change your reservation within 5 days without any fee.
E.g. if you have a reservation for Saturday 10 (with check out on Tuesday 13) you can cancel or make any change, up to previous Monday (Monday 5).

Case 2 - Whether your stay is longer than 3 nights or close to any festivity*, in order not to pay any fee you have to cancel or modify within 7 days from your arrival.
(*) Italian festivity: December 8th, 24th, 25th and 31st – January 1st  – Easter – April 25 th – May 1st  – June 2nd  – November 2nd.
E.g. if you have a reservation for Saturday 10 (with check out on Thursday 15) you can cancel or make any change, up to previous Saturday (Saturday 3).

IF YOU RESPECT THE ABOVE TERMS you will not have any penalty fee.
It will not be charged any extra amount on your credit card and if you have paid a deposit, you will receive it back by your host.

IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT ABOVE TERMS you may run into 3 kind of penalties: Light  Medium  Strong

1.    Light: penalty fee corresponds to the first night fare.
It happens when you cancel 1 day over the above terms (e.g. Case 1: 4 days before or Case 2: 6 days before your arrival).
For one night stay, penalty fee is the 50% of provided cost.

2.    Medium: penalty fee is the 70% of provided cost for the entire stay.
This happens if you cancel later than required in "Light" penalty.

3.   Strong: 100% of entire stay.
This penalty will be applied in case you cancel the same day you’re supposed to check in, or if you don’t show without any notice.
P.S. No refund provided for early departures.
PLEASE NOTE: you can cancel your reservation ONLY THROUGH THE LINK you can find on your reservation email.            

In order to book your stay at one of our accommodations, you can opt for 2 different methods:
1.    Guarantee of a credit card
2.    Deposit by wire transfer

  • Guarantee of a Credit Card - Conditions

We require your credit card during the reservation process, only for guarantee.
Neither deposit nor anticipated payment will be charged on it.
You will pay the final amount for your stay at the end of it.

Your credit card data will be forwarded to your host, who can check them in order to verify validity.
15 days before your arrival, your host has the faculty to ask your bank to lock an amount equal to the 40% of either the entire stay or the first night stay, depending on which is higher.
This amount won’t be charged, but just locked up and used ONLY IN CASE you don’t respect our cancellation policy.

Your credit card information will be treated and stored in our server in safety and respect of your privacy. They will be exchanged in confidential way ONLY among interested parts.

  • Deposit by wire transfer - conditions

If you opt for a deposit by wire transfer, the due amount must be paid fully and anyway net of any bank commission.
A copy for this payment must be sent to us within 4:00pm (Italian time) of the day after your request, as outlined in your booking email.

Wire transfers paid in late, or not forwarded in time, make your reservation not valid and payment will be given back reduced of any expense needed.


  • Privacy Policy

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