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Finest selection of Bed & Breakfast Borgo, the 14th historic district (rione) of Rome.

During the Fascist era, Borgo underwent several changes that gave the current look to the district. On 23rd October 1936, the Duce himself standing on a roof of the spina (the row of houses built up to that time), gave the first stroke of the pickaxe, starting the demolition of the buildings in order to built Via della Conciliazione as a homage to the newly signed Lateran Treaties. The result was that almost all the houses of the Rione south of the Passetto were demolished. Besides the destruction of many ancient edifices and, above all, of a whole social tissue, what was lost forever was the "surprise" feeling, which everyone experienced when, at the very end of the narrow and dark lanes of the Borgo, the huge Piazza and Basilica suddenly appeared. Now, instead, Saint Peter's appears in the distance, flattened as in a postcard: the sense of perspective was lost as well.

However, the area still appears enchanting today to the eyes of locals and foreigners alike, thanks to the distinctive roads, palaces and churches that give it a distinctive look. Choose a Bed and Breakfast Borgo to have the chance to admire every corner of the district, getting lost in its many narrow cobbled-streets.

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