Park of the Appia Antica

The Appian Way is an ancient Roman road connecting Rome to Brindisi, the most important harbour to Greece and the Orient.The Regional Park of the Appian Way on Sundays and holidays becomes the biggest pedestrian-only area in the city.

The Appian Way is the most ancient and famous Roman road whose ruins are still visible today.
Its importance is confirmed by the name that the Romans gave to it: Regina Viarum (The Queen of Roads).

It was so called also for the beauty of the sepulchral monuments aligned on the sides of the road, the luxury villas of the stretch nearer to the city and the striking beauty of the road, among cypress and pine trees on the background of the majestic arcades of the aqueduct.

A charm unspoiled over the centuries, above all at its beginning. We suggest you visit the park by bike.

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